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My goal in creating the Twangcaster™ was to build the ultimate twang guitar. While doing so, I kept three objectives in mind. They were:

1. Stay True to the Classic T-style guitar
2. Capture the Vibe of the late 50's - early 60's
3. Incorporate innovative "new millennium" ideas

I think we've accomplished all three.




If at first glance our Twangcaster™ appears to be yet another copy of a popular T-style guitar then we accomplished our first object. But looking closer you will notice the Twangcaster™ is like no other "T" you've seen (or played).

Features of the Twangcaster™ include

1. Our proprietar Twangcaster™ Bridge [click here]
2. Inlayed and Screwless Pickguard
3. Recessed and Screwless Electronics Control Cover
4. Proprietary Neck coupling system
5. Our Original Superglide™ Neck
6. Lindy Fralin Twangmaster and Blues Special SC Pickups
7. A 4-way Selector Switch putting both SC in HB mode
8. One or Two-piece Swamp Ash Body
9. Our trademark "Microfin™" Nitrocellulose lacquer Finish

The Lloyd Prins Twangcaster™ guitar had its debut on June 18, 2010 at the 2010 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN. Please check out our Video Journal documenting that journey. Also, please be sure to join us on facebook.


Twangcaster™ Bridge
[Click Here]  


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